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So I have always been in love with BMW. Over the years I have been with them through some troubled times *cough couch* Chris Bangle *cough cough* and as a result I have come to accept there will always be things I love and hate about their vehicles.

This is the debut of the BMW 4 series

IMAG0316 IMAG0331 IMAG0321There are high expectations from the famed Bavarian auto group, and they have certainly delivered a gorgeous new edition to an already stacked sports luxury line-up. Everything you wanted from a 3 series is now available on a bigger and beefier platform. The 4 features a lower cab-line with a wider and longer stance that is sleek provokes a deep envy for yuppies with that recent holiday bonus. I only have one peeve about this vehicle, and that is the air scoop behind the front wheel arch. I really hope we dont start seeing that on BMWs across the whole lineup. Oh well, you can’t be too distracted by a minute detail like that when there are so many bold definitions that are sculpted into this beautiful auto. Such as the striking bone line, bonnet creases and enhanced wide mouth intake under the lamps and kidney grill. Where have I seen that before?

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IMAG0393IMAG0392IMAG0398This year everyone was talking about the Corvette Stringray. Now that the vehicle has finally arrived it seems to be one of the most talked about debuts at NAIAS 2013.  In Detroit it seems as though people never get sick of retro design. This new version of the 1960’s classic features a similar elongated hood and stringray-like fenders, but it does so in a somewhat discreet mannar that does not distract from an array of new design geometry. Thankfully God! because the US market needs more vehicles that breaks free from many cliche retro jobs that can be found an many big 3 badges. The overall cab profile, front face and rear fender intake looks similar to the Ferarri 599. Moving to the rear of the vehicle the most noticeable design progressions are the non-circular taillights that decorate the back panel. As a whole, the rear of the Vette looks closely related to the Camero, but much larger and flatter.. kinda like the C5.

With the hype surrounding this vehicle, I am finding trouble deciding if I like it. Maybe that will change in Q3 of 2013 when I see it on the road.

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