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IMAG0347 The new BMW M6 is certainly beautiful and I get such satisfaction being able to say that. The truth is; that I used to hate the M6 design with a passion.  It had such an atrocious rear end, and awkward taillights that everyone seemed to love for some reason. This new makeover makes me forget it all so easily. It new sculpted features are mean and unmistakeable. You know what you’re lookin at when that beast of a vehicle shows up in your rear view.


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The Focus has undoubtably been essential to the Ford lineup since its American debut in 1999. Being an ‘American’ car, it is easy to forget that it saw the European market before it came to the US. It was across seas where the Focus became the acclaimed ‘European car of the year’ and the new edge style made its first big impressions.  The Fiesta shortly followed with an update that similarly featured these sharp lines and strained curves.
Fast forward a decade and the Focus and Fiesta sit center stage as the main proponents to the Ford family lineup. A lot has changed in the past decade– new market, technology and consumer expectations. These changes in the auto industry have brought about change for Ford and the new design language is in full swing.

Ford Kinetic design




The facelift on these vehicles has been progressively anticipated and widely critiqued. New ‘Euro’ styling & chasis make the cars look leaning forward stance that makes the car look sharp and in motion. Ford describes the style as energy in motion. They killed the 2010/11 slim nose intake and replaced it by raising the wide mouth that is now sitting under that famous blue oval. The side profile of both these cars are similar to their New Edge ancestery, a slim shoulder with contouring geometry which simplifies the aligning process during manufacturing. Overall the character of these vehicles look modern, tight and send a message that these Fords are flexing their muscles.

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Maserati Quattroporte

Here is the update to my favorite family car. Sporting a V-6 twin turbo with 410 horsepower will get you from 0-60mph in just under 5 seconds. There is also an optional v-8 twin turbo with 530 hp that will top out at 190mph.

Will the future classic rule the streets?

acura NSX concept front

Acura NSX Concept side Acura NSX Concept Rear

This vehicle looks seriously awesome, and supposedly we are looking at a design that is close to production. Pretty wild, eh? The NSX concept is quite refreshing to look at, considering the unfortunate atrocity that is the entire current Acura lineup. But apart from the tragedy that is the Acura showcase this year, this car is wicked. Curves extend across the front wheel haunch providing short overhang, and the waistline meet a series of edges that sculpt out thin headlights on each side. These set of angry eyes sit above a set of large intakes which have horizontal grill textures that are almost like a cheese grater. Suggestion that this vehicle is sharp? I think so!

But thats not all, the NSX will have a sports hybrid engine that combines their 3.5-liter V6 with an electric engine. The vehicle was created to achieve “synergy between man and machine,” says Acura CEO Takanobu Ito.