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Back to the capital. This airport is unreal!Peking Capital Airport

Ha, jk. Its actually a really bad fake.

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Nanluoguxiang (Nlgx), Beijing- The hutong style represents the architectural heritage of old Beijing. These neighborhoods are formed by siheyuan (house clusters) along narrow streets and alleys. As new Beijing overtakes the old, these style neighborhoods have been in decline from zoning demolition.

photo from google


A destroyed hutong neighborhood.

The Gulou district is home to the Nanluoguxiang Hutong, built in the Yuan dynasty (~1750). This street has brought a revitalizing urban twist to the hutong style. These old Beijing homes are rehabilitated and used as trendy clothing stores, bars, art galleries and micro-restaurants. IMAG0658


storefronts at NLGX

The Nlgx design co. has iconized the characters used to mark areas of demolition by embracing a converse message. The DO NOT DESTROY markings has become a famed logo of opposition.



Most of the goods sold at the Nanlauguxiang street were original clothing apparel but I also found some fun counterfeit TOMS shoes. IMAG0654