This is some seriously potent stuff. Chou doufu or stinky tofu, is a traditional chinese food that can be found on pretty much any street corner of Beijing. I don’t know why, but they love the stuff. Let me tell you that the name doesn’t lie. When you are close up the smell is not actually that bad, but this is the kind of smell that goes the distance.  This stank dish does its damage from about 300 meters away when it initially infiltrates your nostrils… and I guarantee it, this stuff is seriously rank.  I was hoping to try some during my trip, but every time I considered eating it, the smell just put me off my appetite.IMAG1293 IMAG1295Anyways, nevermind the fact that people here are just lining up to eat a food that is made to look like it has mold on it. I’ll stick to some baozi and call it a day.